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"Sberbank insurance" insured the largest orchard in Europe at 1.5 billion rubles
Subsidiary company of Sberbank "Sberbank insurance" insured perennial plants-JSC "Garden-Giant", the largest Russian agricultural holding for growing of fruits and berries. The contract is concluded for the insurance program with government support. Total insured amount under the contract exceeds 1.5 billion rubles.
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Insurance coverage provided a few million plantings of apples, plums, peaches, pears and cherries. The total area of plantation — 1569 hectares. Plantations are insured against drought, frost, hail and other natural hazards, and pests.

JSC "Garden-Giant" was founded in 1929 in Slavyansk-na-Kubani in Krasnodar region. Main activities — production and sale of fruit and berries, planting material of fruit trees, seedlings of vegetable and ornamental crops. Today "Garden-Giant" — the largest orchard in Europe, which grow more than 30% of all fruits and berries of the Krasnodar territory and about 10% in Russia.


Sberbank is the largest Bank in Russia and one of leading global financial institutions. The share of Sberbank accounts for about a third of the total assets of the Russian banking sector. Sberbank is a key lender to the national economy and occupies the largest market share of deposits. The main shareholder of Sberbank is the Russian Federation represented by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, which owns 50% of the share capital of Sberbank of Russia plus 1 voting share. The remaining 50% minus 1 voting share of the share capital is owned by Russian and international investors. Sberbank has customers in 18 countries. The Bank has the largest branch network in Russia: about 14 thousand service points. The foreign network of the Bank consists of subsidiary banks, branches and representative offices in UK, USA, CIS, Central and Eastern Europe, India, China and other countries.

General license of Bank of Russia for banking operations №1481.

Official sites of the Bank www.sberbank.com (the website of Sberbank Group), www.sberbank.ru.

LLC IC "Sberbank insurance"Ltd is a subsidiary company of Sberbank of Russia, specializing on the programs property and personal insurance, except life insurance. Included in the unit "managing the wellbeing" of the savings Bank. The volume of collected insurance premiums in 2019 amounted to RUB 20 billion (according to IFRS). Is in the top 10 universal insurance companies of Russia by volume of fees. The rating class on a scale of "Expert RA", giaaa.

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