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Russian plant produced the van is refrigerated for the transportation of agricultural products
"Ural plant of special equipment", which is included in the Association "Rosspetsmash", released van-refrigerated, intended including for the transportation of agricultural products and food products.
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The technique is also used to transport medical supplies and colors. For their transportation it should be the special temperature conditions, preventing overheating or Vice versa – overcooling of cargo.

The range of temperatures in the van of such a vehicle can range from +5 to -20° C, but in this case the customer had the need for temperature from 0 to -15 C°.

The technique consists of a mobile refrigeration unit, where the chassis mounted van. Inside it is air conditioning equipment.

The refrigeration unit is available in two types: direct drive, which is due to the operation of the engine of a car, or own diesel engine fuel.

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