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Logistic company "Kamchatka lines" and "Sitreyd Baltic" will participate in the IV Global Forum Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia
Companies specializing in freight transportation, will present their services at the site of the IV Global Forum Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia. The key event of the Russian fishery industry will be held from 21-23 September in Saint-Petersburg on the territory of the Expoforum Convention and exhibition centre, and will integrate on its platform to more than 420 exhibitors from 30 countries
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The company "the Kamchatka lines", founded in 2008, is one of the largest freight forwarding operators for the delivery of goods in the far East. In partnership with enterprises "Terminal "Seroglazka", MAERSK, CMA CGM provides a full cycle of logistics of fish from receiving to refrigeration facilities in the ports of Sakhalin, the Kurils, Kamchatka and Vladivostok, to delivery to the final consignee in any point of Russia and the world. Provides domestic and import-export transportation of various types of supplies and equipment.

The Dutch company "Sitreyd of the Baltic" has been operating on Russian market for more than 25 years, and in 2009 opened his own office in St. Petersburg. Since then, the company specializiruetsya on the transport of goods from Chile and Europe to Russia, and also carries out supervising all the vessels during unloading in St. Petersburg. Customers "Sitreyd Baltic" offers a choice of ports of call and convenient delivery schedules of the goods. The company also performs the duties of line an agent for Seatrade Group NV and NV Streamlines within which selects the terminals of the discharge documents documents, return of empty equipment, produces freight bills, organizes the delivery of goods by road directly to the consignee's warehouse at competitive rates and survey quality during unloading to provide the highest level of cargo handling. Along with these services, "Sitreyd Baltik" can pick up the passing goods of the Russian ports and to deliver to Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and the countries of West Africa.

"Services of logistics companies have always been important for the fishing industry. The providers of the service traffic has to go "up to time", taking into account all the trends and latest developments related to the manufacture of equipment which is used on ships for storage and transport. To deliver raw materials and processed products in the best possible way is an important task, which also influences the image of the clients who purchase transportation service for resale of goods abroad. I am sure that exhibitors from other segments, and visitors will be interested to know the representatives of the "Kamchatka lines" and "Sitreyd Baltik" about their services and also derive from experience in the context of pandemic coronavirus and accepted in this connection measures," - said Ivan Fetisov, General Director at Expo Solutions Group, the operator of the IV Global Forum Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia.

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