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Rostselmash has released a new mower BERKUT 3500 UNO MAX
Rostselmash (included in the Association "Rosspetsmash") has released a new semi-trailer rotary mower – BERKUT 3500 UNO MAX. Its main difference from BERKUT 3200 UNO – increased to 3.5 metres width, allowing to achieve performance of up to 5 Ha per 1 hour of work time.
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The cutter bar and gearbox provide reliable and smooth operation of the upgraded unit. Rotary gear allows you to improve agility and improved system contour following of the cutter bar ensures even more quality repetition of the microrelief of the field, which avoids contamination of the crop.

High speed cutting rotor reaches 3000 rpm, allows the technique to work successfully in high-yield, and the trampled mass.

Safety cutting elements individually located at each of the nine rotors, protect the cutter bar from uncontrolled destruction by contact of the rotor with a possible obstacle. It could be a stone or other solid object that happened to be on the field.

BERKUT 3500 UNO MAX is aggregated with tractors of traction class 1.4 t. p., which allows us to consider this mower almost any households.

In 2020, after successful testing, BERKUT 3500 UNO MAX handed over for trial operation in one of the farms of the Tula region, which is already out in the work. Production preparing for the release of the next cars in this class.

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