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Council of Federation: unified register of wells will allow you to control the quality of mineral water
To compile a single list of wells relevant departments are instructed first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on agrarian and food policy and environmental management Sergey Mitin. As reported by the Committee, information on the wells of region KMV, from which are extracted the famous healing water, will be transferred to the CPS.
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"For example mineral water "Essentuki 17". What is the main problem? "Essentuki 17" pours only one company that has a state registration in this water, we know it and know it. But a lot of companies, bottled mineral water, which is not called "Essentuki 17", and write on it the following inscription: "17 Avenue" or "Alley 4/17 sources, Source No. 4". They're technically no violation don't: you can write anything on the bottle. But then we have a question: if water is called mineral, medicinal – and there it should be written – it should be subject to state registration, – gave the example of Senator Sergey Mitin on the meeting of the relevant Committee. – And the one who gives the state registration of all looks where the water – room 4 – bottled? If it is bottled from a completely different source of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, it is not necessary to give the state registration of this medicinal water, the water is already there. But this again can only happen when all the wells will be known, and, with their parameters."

Recall, the only producer of this mineral water "Essentuki" is a subsidiary of JSC "Kavminkurortresursy" company "Akva KHOLDING".

As noted by the Deputy head of the Federal Agency for subsoil use Orest Kasparov, currently the Agency has only information on the wells, producing natural mineral water. Information on wells chapterhouse fresh water, to systematize.

The largest subsoil user of the region KMV, entitled to mining of mineral waters from 70 producing wells is JSC "Kavminkurortresursy". According to the company, some of these wells are included in the GOST R 54316-2020, which are classified extracted natural mineral water.

"Thanks to the unified register of control and Supervisory authorities will be able to confirm whether the well is indicated on the label whether her prey, who is a subsoil user and whether a particular factory bottling access the mineral water. The consumer needs to be sure that specified on the label the place of origin of goods means that the unique chemical composition of the water produced from certain wells within the boundaries of the relevant field. Current data on wells in the region KMV are in the Department of mineral resources of the North Caucasus Federal district – the territorial body of the Agency", – said the head of JSC "Kavminkurortresursy" Eugene Levitsky.

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