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Freight report, 22 week 2020
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Region: Volga-don basin, the Azov sea, Black sea, Caspian sea
Tonnage: Bonfire

At the 22nd week, the trend of stagnating freight market fires in the Azov and Caspian regions are preserved. Apparently hard times are waiting for Shipowners and in the month of June. Most of the tonnage is still open in the spot market, cargo in sufficient volume.

Do not add optimism and the news that because of the moisture deficit in the southern regions, the demand for tonnage could grow only by the end of July – beginning of August. To confirm this, the futures for the July contract at the moment, on average, exceed the August for$ 5. However, to say that the whole fleet fires up, prematurely. Sending underway, but very few of them. The level of interest rates from Rostov on the black sea coast of Turkey are still hovering around$ 10 per ton of grain.

Charterers of non-grain goods taking advantage of the moment trying to conclude favourable contracts for the next six months. Because of their activity in the market there is a clear increase in demand for time-Charter for the next six to seven months. Usually in high season (July to December) rate of a time Charter on a vessel of "river-sea" of 3000 tons under the Russian flag varies in the range of 3600-4200 USD per night. In the current year, subject to the transfer of the ship to the time Charter in may – early June (low season) there was a noticeable tendency to reduce the rate to 3000-3200 USD per night depending on the characteristics of the ship.

As shown by export statistics for the past few months, on paper, greatly increased the export of grain to the countries of the EEU, particularly in the Republic of Belarus. Market experts attribute this to the manipulation of documents and the growth of export supplies of products that circumvent quotas under the guise of fictitious deliveries to the countries of the EEU. It should be noted that many Exporters are trying to use such a scheme is not a good life, but only wanting to carry out the previously signed export contracts to avoid penalties for non-performance.

The Caspian region, according to market participants, at the beginning of the new grain season could face a deeper crisis than the sea of Azov. Towards Iran the main commodity items as before are corn and barley. According to official statistics, today there are large carryover stocks of these cultures. It will not allow manufacturers early in the season to get Buyers comfortable prices and many will hold products. It is likely, it may strongly slow down the dynamics of the recovery of the freight market in the region.

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