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Fishering Service, Hampidjan and Tufropes confirmed their participation in the IV Global Forum Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia
At the site of key events in the Russian fishing sector, IV Global Forum Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia, to be held from 21-23 September in St.-Petersburg on the territory of the Expoforum Convention and exhibition centre, will present their products and services manufacturers of equipment for fishing. Confirmed their participation as traditional exhibitors, including Fishering Service and Hampidjan, as well as a new member Tufropes.
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Kaliningrad company Fishering Service since 1993, is engaged in the manufacture and repair of midwater and bottom trawls, in the design which uses the most advanced technology, protected by dozens of patents, and the materials produced, created using the most modern at the moment machines. The company specializes in the manufacture of trawls, is experienced designers with years of experience fishing. In addition to production and design, the enterprise renders services in repair and maintenance of trucks in any region of the fishery. The court where the trawl from Fishering Service, carry out fishing in the waters of Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, the Netherlands, Spain, Malta, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, South Africa, Namibia, Morocco, Guinea, Angola, China, Chile and the United States.

The Icelandic company Hampidjan has been manufacturing fishing nets, ropes and fishing gear. Has offices in Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania, Russia, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The company has become a leader in the maintenance and production of quality fishing gear for trawlers and Seiners purse-Seine fisheries, and provides services in 35 locations in the world, stretching from Dutch Harbor, Alaska in the West to Nelson in New Zealand in the East. The product range includes mid-water and bottom trally for different fishing objects, trawl Board models Poly-Ice and Thyboron, fyke metamaterialy, synthetic data cables Data DynIce, high-tech synthetic waer, and various ropes - DynIce, which are widely used in commercial fishing, high strength and flexible Kraft Float, which is characterized by positive buoyancy, abrasion resistant and durable Nyrex, heat stabilized nylon rope Utzon, and also has positive buoyancy Floatrope.

Indian company Tufropes manufactures high quality synthetic ropes, combining the latest manufacturing technology with sturdy and durable materials designed for fishing and aquaculture, Maritime transport and navigation. The range of products includes trehkanatnoy rope with a maximum melting point 265 ℃, the minimum breaking load of which reaches 105800 kg, 8 - and 12-channel cables. Products from Tufropes resistant use even in extreme weather conditions, and can also be applied at the lift lines, as well as for towing, mooring vessels and barges.

"The presence of manufacturers of equipment for harvesting at the site of the event will allow fishing companies to find new solutions for the fishery and to obtain professional advice from the above mentioned enterprises. Fishering Service, Hampidjan and Tufropes have vast experience in their activities, and I am sure that in the framework of the IV Global Forum Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia they will be able to present the latest developments", - said Ivan Fetisov, General Director at Expo Solutions Group, the operator of the IV Global Forum Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia.

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