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Weekly market review pork and poultry meat for 21 weeks
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Excerpts from the review:

At the end of the first quarter of 2020, there was a brief increase in prices of producers at the pork they got up to last year's level after several months of decline. In the second quarter, according to the "Center Agrobaltika" on the market, there has been relative price stability. On the 21st week the price has risen slightly — to the level of November 2019.
According to departmental monitoring of the Ministry of agriculture, the average producer price for pork in slaughter weight per week has increased by 0.16 rubles/kg and on 24 may was 133,79 RUB/kg, which is lower than a year ago by 21.06 RUB./kg. In the period from 18 to 24 may 2020 domestic producer prices for meat chickens in slaughter weight showed a decrease by 0.41 rubles/kg, up to 99,95 RUB/kg. the Average price of chicken meat in live weight over this period decreased by 0.25 RUB./kg, up to 77,43 RUB/kg which is below the level of last year by 2.38 RUB/kg.

According to the Federal customs service of Russia, since the beginning of the year to 24 may, the country exported to 48.6 thousand tons of pork (HS codes 0203, 020630, 020649) in the amount of $ 75.2 million. USA (excluding exports to the EAEC countries). Exports of poultry meat (TN VED code 0207) for the period amounted to 92.3 thousand tons in the amount of 155.5 million dollars. USA.
Pork exports from Russia in 21-week 2020 amounted to $ 4.1 million. USA vs $ 1.2 million. USA a year ago. The rating of importers of Russian pork in the 21-week 2020 as follows: Hong Kong (1.58 million dollars. USA), Ukraine (1.37 million dollars. USA), Russia (1.14 million dollars. USA).
The subjects of the Russian Federation, leading to the export of pork from the country at the 21st week of the year 2020, steel Belgorod oblast (1,21 million dollars. USA), Moscow (0,81 mln. USA), Tambov oblast (0,67 million dollars. USA).
Exports of poultry meat from Russia in 21-week 2020 is 8.8 million dollars. USA, 5.2 million dollars. USA over the same period of 2019.
The main importer of Russian poultry in the reporting period was China: exports to this country amounted to 6.6 million dollars. USA. The main exporters of poultry meat in China — Stavropol Krai (2,1 mln. USA), Moscow oblast (1.6 million dollars. USA), Belgorod oblast (0.8 million USD. USA) and Krasnodar Krai ($0.7 million. USA).

According to preliminary estimates of the "Center for Agrobaltika", the volume of pork production in Russia in 2020 could not exceed 4.0 million tons, poultry meat — 5,1 million tons
To see the full text of the review at: specagro.ru

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