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KOMZ-Export has released a new disc cultivator
The company "KOMZ-Export", which is included in the Association "Rosspetsmash", has released a new disc cultivator ADS-7E with a width of 7 metres.
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The unit is designed for processing soil in the cultivation of crops and ensure the destruction of the root system of plants, the incorporation of wild plants, chopping crop residues, stubble and weeds in the cultivated soil layer.

Technique allows treatment of the soil to a depth of 2 to 12 cm Can be applied in all areas of agriculture.

Serrated conical discs with a diameter of 510 mm and a material thickness of 5 mm to increase the quality of work and increase the duration of life. The use of a reinforced frame to withstand even the most critical loads.

The technique is currently undergoing all the necessary tests.

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