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Fish farming
The fishing industry in the world 2020
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According to the United Nations, by 2030, the consumption of farmed fish for the first time exceeds the wild catch. Aquaculture is developing in leaps and bounds in many countries because of an increase in the catch is almost completely exhausted. Fish farming in Russia, too, there is, however, its future is not as impressive as the Chinese or European aquaculture. However, at the level of the Supreme state bodies is a comprehensive program for the development of this industry, since even with the huge resources of the Russian Federation will sooner or later have to face limited natural resources.

Is not a secret for anyone that Russian fisheries resources is somewhat restricted in view of climatic features. So for example in the Nordic countries grow salmon and trout three times more than in our country. Why is this happening? The fishing fleet is not only purse-Seine vessels and vessels of the refrigeration. Marine specificity compels the fishermen and not only them to buy a motor yacht, a powerful and komfortabelny. Mostly buy the products of Italian manufacturers or Polish. For example, the Polish Galeon company Yachts has recently signed the contract for postupku in Russia, lots of new boats for UralSI. Yachts and boats of this company are always povyshennoi engine power and creative appearance