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"Zainsk sugar" is going to reach the revenue of 5 billion rubles and to process 1.1 million of sugar beet in the new season
In the season 2020-2021 gg. JSC "Zainsk sugar" plans to produce more than 1.1 million tons of sugar beet.
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"Our plan is to produce 166 thousand tons of sugar, 45 thousand tons of molasses and 53 thousand tons of sugar beet pulp granulated. We are now preparing for the new season, revenue is planned at 5 billion rubles. We continue to work on the reconstruction of the drying Department, having invested in the project for a total of 95.8 million. Developed a number of optimization measures that are within the Holding AGROSILA referred to as Kaizen projects. They are all aimed at reducing production losses. For example, going to reduce the cost of energy, namely, to transfer the gas oven for the lime slaking is promote, excluding the gas in the water flow and reducing heat losses through insulation of equipment. In addition, we plan to increase the plant capacity by reducing duration and frequency of equipment failure during the period of processing and lower costs of auxiliary materials and chemicals," notes the new season trends Deputy General Director of CJSC "agrosila" on OAO "Zainsk sugar" Anton Troshin.

According to him, the volume at the same time put the sugar beet is 300 thousand tons, and the storage technology of beet has not changed significantly - actively applied field caratirimani. "Zainsk sugar" upgraded beet piling station in 2018, and organized a system of clamps directly on the fields of agribusiness, which today contributes to the quality of storage roots and to preserve sugar beets. "Planning for the season the sugar content of sugar beet during the acceptance - 17,24%, the yield of sugar - of 14.22%," adds Anton Troshin.

Sugar plant AGROSILA will continue in the new season of operation of the radial sump, which allows you to clean beet transport water and cooling pond on 15 thousand cubic meters of water. The water used in production circulates in a closed circuit, is cooled and returns to the production – there is not even minimal emissions to the environment. In practice, lean manufacturing principles "ToyotaEngineeringCorporation" and "Zainsk sugar" - the only enterprise in Russia food industry, received the bronze level mark of "TEC", which confirms the compliance level of global corporations.

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