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The company MAY introduced tea cold brewing
Brand CURTIS (produced by MAY) released tea, which is brewed in cold water. Now you don't have to wait long when it is cold, hot tea, and you can immediately cool off with tasty and healthy drink.
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Tea cold brewing is popular in many countries with hot climates, such as in Asia. Typically, the preparation of this drink requires 6-8 hours, if we are talking about the method of cold brewing and not using the hot and then cooled water.

When developing a new product tea tasters of the company MAY have used technological solution which allows you to prepare iced tea for 5 minutes. The method consists in the fact that all the components of the blend are pre-treated with steam. This allows them to increase the extraction rate and give cold water all active substances.

"Increasing worldwide trend of healthy eating. People have become more attentive to their diet, composition of food and drinks. We, together with our team of titlerow wanted to create a delicious and natural drink that can be quick and easy to prepare – both at home and on the go. We believe that cold brewing tea will become a new beneficial trend in the market is in the category beverages", – commented on the launch of the project Elena Stepanova, leader of the brand CURTIS.

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