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Top 20 exporters will put abroad more than 76% of Russian grain
The leader of the ranking for the fifth consecutive year remains TD "RIF"
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Twenty of the largest Russian exporters were taken out of the country's 31.2 million tons of grain (excluding deliveries to the countries of the EEU), which is 76.4% of total exports in the season-2019/20, from the data of the analytical center of "Rusagrotrans". The top ten companies produced 25.8 million tons sent abroad grain or 63%, said "the Agroinvestor" the head of the center Igor Pavensky. In the 2018/19 marketing year, the figure was 24 million tons and 57%, respectively.

In season 2019/20, the three largest exporters of Russian grain has changed a bit. However, the leader in the export as in the past five years, starting from the 2015/16 crop year, remains the Rostov TD "RIF" to 5.35 million tonnes for the First time in the top-3 entered the company "Myrogroup Resources" (included in the newly created VTB "Demetra-holding") with a volume of 3.7 million tons In the third place is occupied by "Aston" which was taken out of 2.95 million tons, with little behind him in fourth position "Glencore" from 2.91 million tonnes the Five largest exporters closes the "UGC" with 2.6 million tonnes.

Among the companies developing exports, Pavensky also noted, "Louis Dreyfus" (to 1.36 million tonnes at the ninth position of the ranking), act (1.1 MT — tenth place), "Artis-agro" (1.46 million t — eighth), "Zernotreyd" (2.1 million t — line), "Gemcorp" (from zero to 1.05 million tonnes at 11-position), "Agrolider" (441 kt — 15-e a place in the direction of Azerbaijan), TD "Grain Volga" (299 kt — 20-th line of the rating).

According to the Director of the analytical center "Sovekon" Andrei Sizov, exporters season 2019/20 was difficult. In the first half, the profitability of operations was zero or even negative, at least some of the profit appeared only in the second half of the agricultural year. "It is particularly noteworthy activity in the grain market VTB — we see the acquisition of terminals, expanding a trading activity, he commented. Market anxiously watching how this will affect the access to port terminals and rail transport".

The most significant influence on the grain market in the past agricultural year had the state's actions, namely imposed a quota on exports, said Sizov. "I believe that because of these measures in the current season Russia exported, not the entire volume of barley and corn, which really could have gone to other countries, we are talking about several hundred thousand tons," he said. Plus, the Ministry of agriculture stated that in any future similar intervention. Experts generally do not see grounds for the imposition of quotas. According to him, is a clear example of manual control, which only hurts the market. The restrictions have raised the risks of all market participants: farmers, traders, which is now unable to export additional volumes. Of course, they irritate and buyers of Russian grain. "In the absence of artificial restrictions on exports, the situation with grain prices would not have changed: their growth would be on the same level as now and we would still have seen a slowdown in shipments due to high prices, — said Sizov. As a consequence of the imposed restrictions will be leaving from the market of many exporters: companies were losing money for a long time and a lot, so some of them leave this business."

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