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AGROSILA plans to monitor harvesting using digital tools
AGROSILA begins to prepare for harvesting new agricultural season. Quality control over the campaign is planned to provide, above all, through digital tools, announced the General Director of JSC "agrosila" Svetlana Barsukova.
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"The group is actively implementing projects of digitalization, so there were additional Analytics that we use to analyse the performance of processes in individual business areas. Digital Analytics allows you to identify the factors and their influence on the final result. For example, the use of geographic component - the contours of the fields, tracks, equipment, location of production sites - to help more precisely to perceive the information. Today we have the ability to track changes over several years, to dig into the data in a single window and to make the most correct and prompt decisions," said Svetlana Barsukova.

Due to digital technology have managed to reduce the number of employees to monitor operations in the fields. This is due to the monitoring system and automatic processing of data, thereby reducing the load on specialists. In addition, significantly increased the speed of analysis of the status of crops through application of satellite imagery and NDVI, as well as decreased consumption of fertilizers, due to their differential application.

Recall that AGROSILA in 2020 implements the third stage of digitalization of production, which is based on the digital upgrade of the poultry areas, including the Volga region's largest poultry factory LLC "Chelny-broiler". As for the crop, according to the developed strategy up to 2023, the holding company will implement projects such as the application of machine vision technology and training, introduction of system of control of movement and use of means of protection of plants including RFID. "This improves the efficiency of accounting. Machine vision technology, in turn, in the agricultural market needed for automatically determining the conformity of the cultivated area according to accounting system and electronic maps of the fields. In addition, the technology is able to detect the diseases and pests of agricultural crops. This is the most current innovation for the industry," added Svetlana Barsukova.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2021
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