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Russian farmers before the start of the active phase of cleaning purchased 1681 harvester to prepare for the harvest
Agricultural producers of the country for harvesting at subsidized programs Rosagroleasing for 6 months of 2020 has already acquired 1681 harvester totaling more than 15 billion rubles. For comparison, last year through the leasing company was purchased 1384 combine.
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The most active were farmers of the Volga Federal district. First place went to Saratov, where this year at a preferential programs Rosagroleasing has already purchased 154 combine for a total sum more than 1,4 billion rubles. Thus, the region in less than six months acquired 2 times more harvesters than last year.

Second place for the acquisition combines through Rosagroleasing in 2020 was taken by the Republic of Bashkortostan, where the agricultural producers have already purchased lease 109 combines for harvesting, totaling more than 790 million rubles, showing a twofold increase compared to last year.

In third place for updating combines Krasnodar Krai, where farmers at subsidized programs Rosagroleasing has acquired 93 per processor for a total amount of more than RUB 1 billion - 12 combines more than was acquired in the region through Rosagroleasing for the whole of last year.

Also to harvest are prepared:

The Republic of Tatarstan through Rosagrolizing acquired 88 harvesters for the total amount of 791 million roubles (last year – 39 harvesters);

Volgograd oblast – through Rosagrolizing acquired 82 combine for a total amount of more than 792 million rubles (last year – 31 harvester);

The TOP 10 regions for the purchase of harvesters by Rosagroleasing programs to prepare for the harvest also included: Orenburg oblast (73 per processor, totaling more than 540 million rubles); Altai Krai (63 per processor, totaling more than 490 million rubles), Moscow oblast (57 harvesters for the total amount of 884 million rubles); the Rostov region (49 harvesters, totaling more than 485 million roubles) and Ulyanovsk oblast (49 harvesters for the total amount of 415 million rubles).

Get acquainted with the harvesting and other agricultural equipment, which is now available to lease for subsidized programs, will be on "the all-Russian field Day" - the biggest review of achievements of the Russian agro-industrial complex, the official leasing partner will perform for the first time Rosagroleasing.

This year the national field day will be held from 9 to 11 July in two formats: in addition to the traditional offline format, will be organized online broadcasting, thanks to which the exhibition will be able to participate, while respecting the need today of a measure of distance and security.

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