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Rosselkhozbank will help farmers to keep records
Russian agricultural Bank expands the range of services for small and medium agribusiness. Now farmers, agricultural customers can take advantage of the service of a professional accountant. The service provided under the agreement Rosselkhozbank has signed a contract with the Institute of professional accountants and auditors of Russia (IPA of Russia).
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Experts of IPB of Russia has developed a unique service for the selection of accountants, which presents all the functionality the leading portals of search. Peasant (farmer) households received access to a database of candidates with extensive experience and undergoing constant improvement of their professional level. This will facilitate farmers and increase confidence that the selected candidate will meet the strictest requirements. In the personal Cabinet, the head or responsible employee of KFKH can post the job of an accountant, to review summary, and test selected candidates. For each competitor information is available about his professional level, including certificates and courses for professional development.

In partnership with the IPA of Russia Russian agricultural Bank plans to hold workshops, webinars and round tables for farmers on actual issues of accounting, legal regulation and the IIHF in General agriculture. Pilot project "health" launched for farmers that are served by the seven regional branches of Rosselkhozbank: Kaluga, Tatarstan, Chelyabinsk, Bashkortostan, Moscow, Ulyanovsk and Stavropol. In the future we plan to expand the list of branches, where farmers will be held "Day of the accountant".

"Every farm regardless of scale and specialization must keep a record of activities. Rosselkhozbank lot of talking with farmers, and we often receive from the heads of farms feedback about the difficulties when working with accounting. Pitfalls in this area, really, a lot. And it is true-written documentation allows farmers to regularly and fully report to the internal revenue service. We launched cooperation with the Institute of professional accountants and auditors of Russia, so that farmers are guaranteed to have resolved the issue with hiring an experienced and reliable specialist, and can concentrate on the Essentials: on the development of its economy", — said the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Rosselkhozbank Denis Konstantinov.

"Accounting considerably facilitates the process and financial planning of KFKH. Clever accounting allows you to develop a competent financial and material planning, properly control production processes on the farm, to match revenues and expenses of farms. We welcome partnerships with the main agricultural Bank in the country and as the country's largest professional Association of accountants will direct all efforts to help farmers deal with personnel, administrative and legal issues", — said Evgenia koposova, Director of the IPA of Russia.

JSC "Rosselhozbank" is the basis of national credit and financial service system of agroindustrial complex of Russia. The Bank was founded in 2000 and today is a key lender to the agriculture of the country, is among the largest and most stable banks in the country in terms of assets and capital, as well as the leaders of a reliability rating of the largest Russian banks.

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