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AGROSILA and Syngenta will present the most innovative plant protection products on the basis of the real economy
Agricultural holding AGROSILA and one of the largest companies in the field of plant protection products (NWR) and seed production of Syngenta will demonstrate modern agricultural technologies and promising products industry. On the basis of the real economy, the company will present innovative developments, inform about experiences and trends on the market.
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"In vertical structure AGROSILA have a unique project – Seed plant, the performance of which reaches 30 tons of seeds per hour for the calibration. Per day the Plant is able to recycle more than 600 tons of seeds. The company has its own test fields, which are tested more than 100 types of varieties. We also cooperate with major research institutes in Russia, so the area of production of crop protection products and seed in particular is one of the key activities. For seed crops of AGROSILA routinely used disinfectants produced by the company "Syngenta". This is a longstanding mutually beneficial relationship, the driver of which is not only the protection of future crops, and quality seeds. Company Syngenta supplies seeds of field crops: sunflower and corn. In 2020 the total amount of the procurement is 60 million rubles, further discusses the possible delivery of desiccants (drugs that are used to dry the aboveground parts of plants at the root - approx.Ed) and disinfectants (used for treatment of seeds in order to protect them from destruction by fungi, bacteria and damage from pests that live in soil - approx.Ed). In this area, "Syngenta" - one of leading world manufacturers", - said General Director of JSC "agrosila" Svetlana Barsukova.


Recall that in 2020, AGROSILA planted crops more than 135 thousand acres of land, given green manure pair – 170 thousand. In the new agricultural season spring wheat was sown over 19 thousand hectares, sugar beet – 28,3 thousand hectares, barley – 41.8 thousand hectares of land. In addition, last fall more than 50 thousand hectares were sown with winter crops under harvest 2020. As for the forecasts for the harvest, today's enterprises AGROSILA come from planned values, and it is 30 kg/ha for spring crops crops, 45 kg/ha - barley, 46 kg/ha – winter crops. In the new season for the sowing campaign came to 3 billion rubles, the total area of spring crops was 170 thousand hectares. The main crops were wheat, barley, sunflower, canola, corn for grain and sugar beets. In 2020 it is planned to increase the yield of crops to 43.6 kilograms per hectare, maize — 50, sugar beet — up to 445,3. For the last year (2018-2019.) increase the yield of grain in the Holding company have averaged 9 t/ha, sugar beet 85 kg/ha. In the last seasons achieved stable yield of sunflower at 20 kg/ha.

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