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Rostselmash has put European farmers more than 100 tractor mounted and trailed agricultural machines
Rostselmash, part of the Association "Rosspetsmash" for 6 months 2020 sold to European farmers more than 100 tractor mounted and trailed agricultural machinery.
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Today agricultural machinery Rostselmash buying in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Germany, Slovakia.

From June 2020 farmers from Europe much faster will be able to obtain spare parts and necessary components to trailed and mounted units of Rostselmash. In the Bulgarian city of Stara Zagora, on the basis of the official dealer of Rostselmash company Optikom opened parts warehouse.

The emergence of hub of spare parts in Europe, above all, will significantly reduce the time of receipt of components to the technique. According to experts, this process can take as little as a few days.

In Bulgaria itself the technique of Rostselmash long won the trust of farmers. The last delivery in this country - 25 of the reapers. Among them are units for corn ARGUS, sunflower SUN STREAM and FALCON.

"Purchased the ARGUS header 670 and 780 STREAM SUN, very pleased with the quality of performance of these machines. The sunflower yield is usually good, averaging 3 tons per Hectare. Corn sometimes up to 8 tons per Ha comes. So the reapers will be enough", - commented on the purchase of a new unit of the Bulgarian farmer Assen Panov in the village of Brsljanusa.

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