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AGROSILA: Industry seed production and crop protection in Russia is one of the best in the world
Annually AGROSILA processes of the plant protection products (NWR), more than 500 thousand hectares.
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As noted by the Deputy Director General of crop Bulat Shakirov, the processing of land apply all security measures and the latest technology. "Russia is one of the leading countries in the world in the field of crop protection. In 2019 we visited the farm in Canada and observed the same trends in the industry, the same applied substances. The main trend today in technology and changes in the call market, which is rising all requests for agricultural products. Therefore, we strive to produce more high quality products, applying new technology, changing the format of cooperation with partners", - said Bulat Shakirov during the briefing, "Volga field", organized jointly with the company "Syngenta" on the basis of Seed plant of AGROSILA.

Investment in complex plant protection products and disinfectants in the Holding is estimated at 500 million rubles in 2020. According to Bulat Shakirov, is about 17% of the total amount allocated for seeds and fertilizer for the new season. Every hectare farmers are treated at least twice, observing the requirements of the SanPiN regulations. "We will duly inform you about the processing, even in conditions of complicated communication due to the pandemic. The fields have good results due to the SZR, the most accurate dosage of drugs needed for treatment, and, of course, qualified professionals. It is those results which can be each agricultural producers today", - said Bulat Shakirov.

During the event specialists of AGROSILA demonstrated the possibilities of modern technologies of cultivation of field crops, particularly cereals, and the results of many years of cooperation experience with "Syngenta". The head of the territory of Tatarstan, Udmurtiya, OOO "Syngenta" Ilnar Nurullin, in turn, noted that the market had a good price for cereals, which increases the demand for high-quality protection. "Note the increase in the cost of wheat, sunflower, barley – in General, pricing has a beneficial effect on the target producers. Farmers started to invest in the next harvest, increasing the yield in leading farms. Traders who are engaged in the purchase of grain, expanded the geography and went in the direction of the Volga region. In addition, and weather conditions allow us to invest. Against that positive background, unfortunately, growing number of counterfeit plant protection products. Products used on vegetable crops, expensive, and counterfeited the most. We struggle with this on a daily basis – illuminated with ultraviolet light cans, install protective signs. The main advice to farmers was to buy remedies from reliable distributors," said Ilnar Nurullin.

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Friday, 14 August 2020
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