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John Deere launches new trailed sprayers series R700i
New items are compact and additional premium features
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John Deere has developed two new trailed sprayer, the middle class, which received the serial designation R700i. Premium features models R732i and R740i is a precision and smart technologies.

Recently there has been a tendency of increasing the volume of the tank and length of the rod sprayers for plant protection. In addition, to address the challenges faced by the farmers problems, it is necessary to increase the accuracy, reduce the amount of chemicals that are used and increase comfort while filling and operation of the sprayer. Trailed sprayers R900i series and self-propelled sprayers R4100 series John Deere's lead in this respect, and the new series models R700i currently included in the segment of the sprayers of the middle class.

Sprayers R732i and R740i are available with fuel tanks with a capacity of 3200 and 4000 liters respectively, and booms from 18 to 30 m with premium features, including dual-system the filing solution PowrSpray. It reduces the filling time, improves atomization, and improves accuracy.

PowrSpray system includes a hydraulic drive with separate circuit. Self-priming filling pump fills the reservoir with a solution at a speed of up to 600 l/min for seven minutes, and spray pump with a capacity of 750 l/min provides high performance and exceptional precision spraying. This system eliminates the need for pressure regulator of the sprayer. Its functions assumes direct control unit applications: it reacts to changes in the rate of sputtering or target application rate by adjusting the pump speed. Fast response time is ensured by the system of measurement of the load of the hydraulic pump.

Both of these new sprayers can also be equipped with individually controlled nozzles. This electronic solution enables customers to save up to five percent of the cost of plant protection means, which gives about 6 euros per hectare*.

Noteworthy are also the new multifunctional control lever and the operator Solution Command. They make operating the sprayer easier. In addition to the standard built-in displays sprayers series R700i support ISOBUS and can work with displays of tractors and GreenStar 4240 4640. As a result you can use all applications of precision agriculture, such as section control Section Control system automatic driving AutoTrac and AutoTrac Vision.

Using wireless data transfer, you can exchange information between machines and the office of the farm or with third parties. Using this cloud-based platform, farmers can obtain access to all data and files related to their applications for spraying, and manage, the more that data files ISOXML can now be used in the control center MyJohnDeere.com Operations Center. In addition, with the application MyOperations customers can manage their data from any Internet-connected device, wherever they are.

New trailed sprayers series R700i at the customer's request can also be equipped with an option of ready-made closed system transport (CTS). This simplifies the connection of a gas station sprayer to any closed transport system and eliminates any contact with the liquids to protect plants, ensuring maximum operator safety.

*Note: Calculation is made on the example of a farm growing wheat with an area of 500 hectares and the estimated cost of herbicides 53 Euro/ha and fungicides 65 Euro/ha (5% x 118 = 5,90 Euro).


Information about the John Deere company:

Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) is one of the world leaders in the field of engineering, which produces agricultural, forestry and construction equipment, and provides a wide range of services. From 1837 to the present day, the John Deere company produces innovative products of the highest quality, maintaining the tradition of honest business.

John Deere contributes to success for all, whose activity is connected with the earth, that is, someone who works the soil cultivates and harvests and transforms, improves and equips the land, meeting the ever-increasing world demand for food, fuel, shelter and infrastructure.

John Deere in Russia

The first deliveries of agricultural equipment John Deere in Russia began more than 100 years ago, and since 2003 there is a Russian division of the company. Currently in Russia there are two of John Deere plant – the plant in Orenburg opened in 2005, and production in Domodedovo launched in 2010. In addition, the company has a wide dealer network in Russia.

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