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Chickpeas becoming a popular export crop in Russia
For the first quarter of 2020 through the port of Novorossiysk were exported 41.8 thousand MT of beans chickpeas. According to the phytosanitary requirements of the importing countries, chickpea is checked against the testing laboratory Novorossiysk branch of the fgbi "Center for grain quality assessment".
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In June it was revealed six export shipments of chickpeas with a total volume of 947,2 t, do not meet the phytosanitary requirements of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan because of the content of seeds of weed dodder. These parties were forwarded to another country where the phytosanitary requirements for products allow to make the chickpeas with the specified parameters of the content of seeds of dodder. Products can also be sent part time to clean it from the seeds is harmful quarantine weed.

Russia has formed a steady trend towards increase in acreage sown to chickpeas. In connection with certain agro-climatic problems in our country, the development of agribusiness can provide the cultivation of crops that yield per hectare surpass even the sunflower, and thus ensure high competitiveness and economic efficiency margin.

For example, chickpea was widespread in the middle Volga region, where the yield of wheat in the dry weather gets low. And chickpeas provides in this region a good yield, comparable to cereals. In the present implementation problems of chickpea from producers there. Export shipments of these products are in containers via the port of Novorossiysk to Pakistan, India, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, the Gulf States, Yemen, the United Kingdom. Chickpeas are also in demand in such "exotic" States, like Trinidad and Tobago.

Taking into account the fact that the market beans chickpeas is much inferior in capacity to the traditional grains and oilseeds, and in some years demand may exceed the available supply, it affects the purchase price. And even if in some years in the domestic market will be excess supply, on foreign markets the products are always in high demand. From the point of view of resource provision chickpea production more profitable in small areas, for example in farms, where the best of care of crops to ensure high productivity and profitability per 1 ha.


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