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Weekly review of the sugar market from 26 June 2020.
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Excerpts from the review:

According to departmental monitoring of the Ministry of agriculture, the average selling price of sugar from mid may showed a slight weekly rise. By 23 June, it was 25 337 rubles/ton (+0.4% over the week). On the date of the monitoring compared with the previous week declined slightly, the price of sugar in the Central Federal district (-0,2%) at the expense of reduction of prices in the Orel region.
According to Rosstat, consumer prices for sugar from the middle of may weekly decline. On June 22, the national average price of sugar on store shelves has made 36,0 rbl./kg (of -0.3% for the week). During the week consumer prices decreased in all Federal districts except the Volga where the price growth amounted to 0.1%. The maximum price of sugar in Russia is still in the far East (48,53 RUB/kg) and lowest in the Volga region (33,40 rbl./kg). Monthly dynamics of retail prices amounted to -0,8%, for the year prices were down 16.6%.
Established on June 22, the average consumer price for sugar is below the prices on the respective dates of 2019 and 2018 16.6 and 12.8%, respectively. Producer price below the cost of the product in 2019 and 2018, 10.1 and 18.9%.
In the last two weeks the price of white sugar forward contracts on the Russian stock exchange MICEX-RTS stable, small changes recorded in the Central Federal district (+0.8% over the week).
According to the "Center Agrobaltika", from mid-June major international quotes on sugar again for the current year began to decline. Raw sugar on Intercontinental exchange (ICE) in the U.S. last week fell by 3.3%, to 259.9 us dollars. USA/ton, while the price of white sugar on the London international financial futures exchange and options exchange (LIFFE) decreased by 7.0% to us $ 362,6. USA/T.
According to the International sugar organization (ISO), in 2020 the pandemic coronavirus not only will not achieve the projected growth in sugar consumption, but, most likely, consumption will decrease compared with last year.
For example, such international company as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, which are the largest consumers of sugar, has already announced a significant reduction in demand for their products (the volume of sales of Coca-Cola in April, fell by 25%), respectively, the Corporation will reduce the amount of sugar used.

According to the FCS of Russia, as of 21 June, the weekly exports of white sugar amounted to 18,0 thousand tons (excluding trade with the EEU), which is below the level of the previous week to 3.2 thousand tonnes, or 15.1%.
According to the "Center Agrobaltika", the reduction in supply due primarily to a decrease of export in Georgia (-4,0 thousand tons per week). The shipment to Ukraine and in Tajikistan in comparison with the previous week increased. The main importer of Russian sugar in the third week of June was again in Uzbekistan: this country exported 9.7 thousand tonnes, or 54.1% of total weekly volume.
Raw sugar in the period under review were exported to the USA and Tajikistan. The volume of supply is small: removed 0.9 t products.
The export of sugar from Russia during the season-2019/20 exceeded 1.2 million tons (excluding exports to the countries of the EEU in may — June) is 6.9 times higher than the level of last season. The main suppliers of sugar abroad — Krasnodar Krai, Moscow and Lipetsk region: these regions together account for 58.4% of all exports.
Export of white sugar in the season 2019/20 (excluding trade with the countries of the EEU in may — June) as of June 21, exceeded 1.1 million tonnes share is 89.2% of the total exported from Russia to the Sahara. The main share of products is supplied to Uzbekistan (232,9 thousand tons), Kazakhstan (210,6 thousand tons), Azerbaijan (170,0 thousand tons) and Tajikistan (132,9 thousand tons), the share of which in total account for 67.8% of Russian exports of white sugar (746,4 thousand tons).
Raw sugar was exported mostly to Uzbekistan (97.3 thousand tonnes) and Kazakhstan (22.8 thousand tons): their aggregate share in total supply volume is 90.6% (120,1 thousand tons).
Per week (as at 21 June), Russia imported (excluding trade with EAEU countries) 85.8 per tonnes of sugar (+12,4% compared to the previous week), including 75,0 tons of raw sugar and 10.8 MT of white sugar.
The volume of sugar imports in General for the season-2019/20 below the level for the same period last season two times and is 134,3 thousand tons the Import of white sugar decreased by 51.8%, to 128,1 thousand tons, shipments of raw sugar increased by 1.8% to 6.2 thousand tons, the bulk of production is 85.5% — is imported to Moscow.
In season 2019/20 a major exporter of white sugar to Russia is Belarus, accounting for 88.6 per cent of the Russian imports of this product (113.5 thousand tons). Among the major suppliers of raw sugar entered Columbia (3.2 thousand tons), Guatemala (1.7 tons) and the Republic of Mauritius (1.1 thousand tonnes), their total share in the volume of imported products is 96.8% (6,0 thousand tons).

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