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"Chocolate" shared secret delicate cheese dishes: millions of servings of experience
In the 55 years since the opening of the coffee chain "Shokoladnitsa" her team made millions of portions of food with cheese. This experience has allowed to ensure that the most important thing is quality ingredients from responsible producers. For example, for fresh cheeses, such as tiramisu or crepes with chicken and spinach, "chocolate" cheese uses the checked up partners — Unagrande and "Umalat".
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In a period of rapid change so the necessary stability and confidence in the decisions taken. Therefore, the choice of a partner for long term cooperation — important process for any organization, especially when this synergy depends on the happiness of the people. So for several years, "chocolate" for the preparation of their dishes uses fresh cheese Unagrande and "Umalat", created according to traditional Italian and Caucasian recipes.

Through this collaboration, tiramisu with mascarpone Unagrande became one of the trademarks of the coffee chains. And in may 2020 he even went on sale in retail chains — as part of the launch line of ready meals from the "Chocolate girl". In this branded lineup includes cheesecakes, pancakes and other familiar Muscovites meals.

We always carefully check all their suppliers because we have the greatest responsibility for our guests. It is important to use only natural and high quality ingredients, so we already had a long Association with producer fresh Caucasian cheese "Umalat". It product makes crepes with chicken and spinach so tender and tasty. Same with the mascarpone from Unagrande — which for us there is no alternative to tiramisu, — noted in a press-service GK "chocolate".

The network of coffee houses "Shokoladnitsa" combines traditional recipes with modern quality standards are a few hundred coffee houses in Moscow and Moscow region and developing a network at the national level.



The company "Umalat" for more than 15 years produces fresh cheeses perfect taste and impeccable quality.

The company's portfolio includes three brands: Unagrande, Pretto and "Umalat". The company's products "Umalat" submitted to the Federal food networks, and is also used in the preparation of meals in the best cafes and restaurants in the country.

The company's products "Umalat" considered to be one of the best due to its excellent flavour and consistently high quality.

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