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Freight report, week 27 2020
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Region: Volga-don basin, the Azov sea, Black sea, Caspian sea
Tonnage: Bonfire

In Azov region in the 27th week of intensified commodity market, after pulling a freight. Primarily sold remnants, but there were also barley of the new harvest. Sending was carried out by bonfires on distant areas or large volumes with RAID handling. The number of available spot tonnage has been reduced considerably, and Charterers started to lose the initiative. Market participants started talking seriously about a reversal of the situation in the side of the Shipowners. By Friday, the ships in the spot market was trading at $1-3 more expensive than last week, and the difference in promtovari reached $5. However, the rapid rise in rates did not come as a shock to the Charterers, which has laid such a scenario in saprolegnia contracts.

Many Shipowners hope to see soon the increase in rates on the basis of the Yeisk – Turkey Black sea ports to $20 per ton dedato. Currently, however, the market is probably not ready to meet their expectations. There is still uncertainty on the part of regulators: the term of the restrictions ended, but "permission did not give." Whether it is bureaucratic delays, or expected renewal of the ban in order to protect the interests of the monopolists – no one can say clearly. Therefore, most likely, on the basis of the ports of the Azov – black sea coast of Turkey in the near future the rate will remain at above $15, but the ceiling of $20 would not be achieved.

Overall, despite the positive forecasts for the grain harvest this year in Russia, prices in the commodity market in the Azov region after the Chicago exchange went up. Such arguments in the negotiations, as "lower prices under pressure of the new crop" will not work. If in the beginning of the reporting week, the price gap was about $5, but towards the end it increased, and prices offered by the majority of Turkish Buyers, did not agree. The last was to increase prices only when the grain needed to replenish stocks of raw materials, in order not to stop production.

Starting July 6, in the lower reaches of the don river reduced the allowable draft of vessels, which now is 3.1 meters. At the height of the grain season, this means a rise in traffic on the river. Many Traders are starting to lean toward the delivery of cargo in sea ports, land transport, to avoid the risk of underload or idle vessels. The greatest headache of water-level fluctuations bring the Shipowners fleet deep-drawing, because due to limitations on the lees they have seriously nadograditi their boats on the way out of the Caspian sea, or to lay the ballast in the transition rate of main cargo transportation in the direction of the Caspian sea.

The market of the Caspian region as a whole reacted with relative calm, although the amount of cargo even slightly increased, due to the desire to sell leftovers stocks of grain before the new harvest. For the week, rates recovered on average a dollar, but by the end of the month is expected to grow further, so the Shipowners are not willing to discuss consistent flight and only close the spot position.

Glogos Freight Report Week 27-1

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