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The HARVEST 2020: July 10 produced 18.8 million tons of grain
According to operational data of the agricultural administrative bodies of constituent entities of the Russian Federation as of July 10, 2020 grain and leguminous crops throughout the areas of 5.8 mln ha, and produced 18.8 million tons of grain with a yield of 32.3 t/ha.
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Of them wheat throughout the areas of 4.4 mln ha, and produced 14.6 million tons of grain with the average yield of 33.3 C/ha. of Barley throughout the areas of 787,7 thousand hectares, harvested 2.6 million tons with an average yield of 32.8 t/ha.

Winter rapeseed throughout the areas of 102,8 thousand hectares harvested 201,4 thousand tons with a yield of 19.6 t/ha.

Potatoes in the agricultural enterprises and peasant (farm) harvested from an area of 7.4 thousand hectares, however 214,3 thousand tons with a yield 288,8 kg/ha.

Vegetables in agricultural enterprises and peasant (farmer) farms removed from the area of 18.1 thousand hectares, collected was 157.1 thousand tons with a yield of 87.0 kg/ha.

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