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Kraft Heinz has released kits for making ice cream with the taste of sauces
It is impossible to imagine summer without the main Goodies of the season. Now, many cafes are closed, but that is no reason to abandon a refreshing dessert, because you can make it yourself! Kraft Heinz introduced in the UK making kits ice cream. An unusual palette of flavors – from mayonnaise and ketchup to Barbeque sauce and salad dressings – will inspire the most daring culinary experiments.
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Each kit includes sauce, reusable pail for ice cream, two spoons and a recipe. The buyer will be able to prepare a dessert for about 15 minutes at home. To create ice cream, you will need four ingredients, which will vary depending on the chosen sauce.

Ice cream with the taste of Heinz tomato ketchup

Ice cream lovers can enjoy the legendary taste of Heinz ketchup tasting dessert with the addition of tomato sauce. The delicacy is best served with a little meringue and raspberry jam. And for vegetarians, the company has created a special recipe of the sorbet with the taste of ketchup, which perfectly complement a sprig of sweet Basil, and pesto.

Ice cream with the taste of mayonnaise Heinz

Treat with a creamy taste, you can Supplement a puree of apples and blackberries, to decorate shortbread crumbs and serve!

Ice cream flavored salad dressings Heinz

Savory notes of dessert will emphasize sweet strawberries – enough to put the berries and the dish is ready.

Ice cream with the taste of barbecue sauce Heinz

Sweet-sharp taste of a classic BBQ with a mouth-watering aroma of smoked, too, became part of the dessert. And paired with maple syrup, walnuts and slices of bacon and the novelty will gain a more intense taste.

Ice cream with the taste of the sauce, "Ketones" Heinz

Unusual mix of tomato ketchup and Heinz mayonnaise in one bottle. The dessert is best served with peanuts sauce "Sweet chili" and lime – such a combination will resemble the well-known Asian sauce "Pad Thai".

"The summer of 2020 is not quite normal for us all, as many spend the warm days at home. But this does not mean that we should not enjoy the main treats of the season. Come to the aid of sauces Heinz, says David Colbert, brand Manager of Kraft Heinz company (subsidiary in London), Our sets for making ice cream allow everyone to feel like a real chef and to taste the unique flavors of the dessert. To complement the unusual novelties will help one of the six sauces Heinz. We understand that someone's set may seem crazy combos, but the company always keeps pace with the times and is not afraid to experiment".

Recipes will also be available on the company website www.heinztohome.co.uk. So everyone can make ice cream with their existing house sauces.

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