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Online shop "Agrocomplex the Vyselkovsky" tripled sales during a pandemic
"Agrokompleks them. N. And. Tkachev" (brand "Agrocomplex the Vyselkovsky"), among the first in the South organized grocery online retail. During a pandemic, the online store of one of the largest agroholdings of the country tripled its sales volumes, while maintaining the cost and quality of products.
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Now shipping running all over town and in the village of Yablonovsky and the Republic of Adygeya. August 1, geography the online store will extend to Novorossiysk. Plans — Sochi, Rostov-on-don and other large cities of the southern Federal district. Is developing a wholesale online sales: upload batches of products anywhere in the country will be possible by the end of the year.

"This project was conceived long ago, from 2017, says the Director of "Agro" on information technologies Vladimir Yamshchikov. Last year he was working in test mode. In readiness the online store was in March, in the midst of a pandemic. This month we threw all their forces to develop online sales. Expanded delivery to Krasnodar, increased range from 2.5 thousands of items up to 6 thousand. During a pandemic, new customers, Internet shopping has become more than 1.5 thousand people. Most of them, about 60% stayed with us and after the lifting of restrictive measures".

In the top of consumer preferences during the quarantine were cooled meat, chicken, beef, eggs, offal and milk products – sour cream, milk, yogurt, kefir. The excessive demand for meat preservation. Advanced logistics, the abundance of stores and warehouses allowed "AGROKOMPLEX" to make the distance from point of order to the shipping address minimum.

Audience online store by coachmen calls people aged 25-45, mostly working in the office. "They're busy, mobile, modern. These customers value their time more than the opportunity to save money that gives a chance for the development of specialized goods and rare food". For interesting new products will not be found: "In these days at downloadable offers on ready meals, salads. Within a month or two start the grill zone, pastries, fresh juices, fresh juices and smoothies. We are expanding production, opening my own bakery. Very soon will offer the buyer's premium cakes. Premium complex segment, but high quality, so there is demand for it".

The range of online platforms — not just products of own production. "We planned that the demand for used goods will be more than our signature products. But this was not the case: 70% of sales is food made in "Agrocomplex"". The average check is higher than in traditional stores. "And we know that he is above average receipt in a trading network "the Tape". Hide will not be proud of it — says driver. — Our products are often bought on the occasion of family celebrations or for the future."

Online sales are loyalty cards branded offline stores. The threshold for free delivery is 1500 rubles. So far, the orders to the buyers delivers the courier company, but this year will launch its own delivery service. The Director "the Agrocomplex" it says: "Self-delivery enable us to expand the payment options for the buyer to offer the deferred payment option, that is, when receiving".

Coachmen confident in the great potential of online retail: "In 2017, in Russia the share of food products accounted for only 1% of online sales now over 3%. I would not be surprised if in five years it will be 25%. Consumers seek to maximize convenience and minimum loss of time, in the current economic situation, many think the money. Agrokompleks meets the needs of the market and customer expectations".


About the company

JSC firm "Agrocomplex" to them. N. I. Tkachev — the largest manufacturer in the Kuban and one of the leading players in the Federal market. Agroholding of a full cycle brings together 29 of the farms, more than 700 retail stores and a 42 thousand employees. The list of activities of the company includes livestock, crops, agricultural products processing, food manufacturing and retail trade. Agrokompleks ranks second in Russia in terms of milk production, the fifth and sixth sugar — meat, is implementing an extensive investment programme that is actively developing export direction.

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