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Special semi-trailers-grain released for agribusiness in the Volga region
Plant "TONAR", which is included in the Association "Rosspetsmash", released a batch of special semitrailers grain trucks Tonar-9598 for the leader of the Volga agricultural sector (company name not disclosed).
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During manufacturing the first models were made additional technical changes. Increased cubic capacity from 45 to 60 cubic meters can also carry more lightweight crops such as sunflower, barley, and so on.

Four-axle semi-trailer with the front made by the axle allows it to evenly distribute the axial load on the cart, providing a secure movement without violation of the established weight standards. Also, lifting axle of the semitrailer can work in all modes - automatic, and manual control from the cabin – which is handy when passing weight control.

Unloading Tonar-9598 is on the side, through two clandestine cylinders.

In the basic configuration semi-trailer is equipped with a system of pressure gauges that allows you to track the load as imposed on the first axle and three-axle wheeled truck as a whole.

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