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Wednesday, 03 July 2019
Says Yuri Kovalev, Director General of the National Union of pig producers.

Despite the active development of the meat industry and almost 100% self-sufficiency for pork, the range of products on store shelves is very poor. The manufacturer basically offers the networks of lump meat using the most affordable and the most friendly segment. Naturalness and freshness. The choice of packaging is also small. It turns out a lot of meat, and it looks dull, boring and uninteresting. Experts suggest to look at foreign experience.

Russia strengthens its position in the global meat market

Friday, 28 June 2019
In the Greenhouse complex of the Yaroslavl except tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce have recently started to grow a potted rose kardana. The country's first modern high-tech production for growing potted mini rose appeared in the spring of 2017. Production capacity of the complex – 35 thousand pieces per week. Russia is a unique technology.

Association of Greenhouses of Russia celebrates its anniversary. 25 years ago, greenhouse agriculture and related enterprises decided to unite to defend their interests at the state level and to share experiences. Today the non-profit Association composed of 242 enterprises. In recent years, vegetable production in greenhouses is actively developing. The journalists visited "Yaroslavl" hothouse group of companies "Gorkunov" in the Yaroslavl region.

In 2019, the country will have laid about 7 thousand hectares of vineyards, this information came in the alcoholic Congress in Moscow, which took place in the framework of the Russian retail Week. Today, industry is a lot of support. Basic funds are allocated for vineyards and care for them. Last year on these purposes has been allocated 1.7 billion rubles, this year the amount increased to 3 billion And this assistance has a direct impact on the development of winemaking.

This year, hothouse vysokovskiy raised the first commercial batch of winter cucumbers. Helped upgrade. Last fall in the territory of one of the blocks there is a new energy center that runs on gas. His power of 3.3 MW. Also in greenhouses on the area of 1.7 hectares has established a modern system of supplementary lighting.

Thursday, 20 June 2019
Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, eggplants and peppers. Are the products of greenhouse complex "vysokovskiy" Kostroma region. The local vegetables of the protected ground is so good that we regularly receive at various exhibitions awards. Moreover, they didn't show under glass. Otherwise, people refuse to believe that vegetables are real, saying they were fakes. The total area of almost 20 ha. And are used as the old greenhouses that were modernized, and new, modern. Each has its purpose and advantage.