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Monday, 16 September 2019
The robotic arm for picking apples and platform monitoring solution fields.

Production of cultivated mushrooms today - one of the most promising directions in agriculture. This year, the volume of mushroom production can reach 55 thousand tons. At the current pace of development of domestic mushroom producers will be able to supply the domestic market in 2020. The main demand is for mushrooms. The proportion of these fungi in the total production is about 70%. There is a growing demand for oyster mushrooms, but due to problems with compost production of these mushrooms becomes unprofitable, indicators of growing fall. Exotic mushrooms, for example shiitake, eringi, shimeji, which in recent years began to appear more frequently in retail, yet remain a niche product due to the low demand and the complexity of the technology of cultivation.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019
Not fail Russian land talented inventors. The presentation agrobiotechnology in the Ryazan region St. Petersburg developers have submitted a plant for the processing of amaranth seeds. Says Vladimir kholkin, head of Department of robotics and training AIDS "Avangard" (St.-Petersburg), doctor of technical Sciences.

"Golden Wings-2019" is all-Russian competition of professional skill of pilots in the aviation-chemical works. It was first held in Krasnodar Krai. The purpose of the contest is to promote the professional skills and knowledge and to popularize this profession among young generation.

Electronic veterinary certification will allow to cope with counterfeit and falsifikatsii products. It will take from 3 to 5 years – said Sergey Lisovsky. At the time it acted against many, especially Dairy Union. Basically, it was the processors. The most important thing that monitors the system - the raw material from which products are produced.

Achs marching on Russia. One of the reasons why the disease has become so common, experts believe the fragmentation of the veterinary service. At the time, when I was administrative reform, a Federal system was destroyed. Powers of veterinary surveillance is divided between the centre and the regions. This has led to the loss of control over the epidemiological situation in the livestock sector. Another issue of health and safety – control of pesticides. In 2011 the Rosselkhoznadzor had been deprived of the right to control the use of pesticides.

Since the beginning of summer came into force amendments to the law on regulation of commercial activities to prohibit the return of unsold goods. Products network return often spoiling it, or ordering, just in case, extra item. When the decision has just been discussed, shopping online has frightened the empty store shelves and other troubles. But nothing happened.

Control over the use of pesticides need to be increased. For this purpose the Rosselkhoznadzor will need to give similar powers. The announcement came at a press conference "the Quality of imported and Russian greenhouse vegetable production: prospects of a healthy diet for the Russians".