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Friday, 20 April 2018
Wheat stocks at agricultural, procurement and processing organizations of Russia by the beginning of April 2018 amounted to 12,057 million tons, 18.9% more than the year before. Including the stocks of wheat rose by 19.2%, to 8,820 million tons, according to data of Federal state statistics service (Rosstat)

The stock market winter wheat United States on Thursday continued its growth on the skepticism regarding the use of projected precipitation at the current stage of ripening. When this was ignored the fact the failed export of the week

Index "Coffee with milk", which reflects the volume of purchases by citizens of chocolate, coffee, milk, bottled water and the dynamics of prices in March grew by 8.9% in February

Russian corn exports set a new record. In March it was exported 715 thousand tons of culture, which is a new month high. From July 1 to April 11, according to operational data exported a record 4.2 million tonnes (+2% GCG)

Russia in the 2017/2018 marketing year will increase the supply of wheat in the Philippines about 10 times to Indonesia and Korea – 3-4 times, and in India – almost 2 times

Azerbaijan in January-February of 2018, shipped significantly more fruits and vegetables than in the same period in 2017, said the Agency "Interfax-Azerbaijan" the state statistical Committee

Thursday, 19 April 2018
The gap in consumption of corn, wheat and soybeans between this region and its rival – the American continent – by 2021 will be about 100 million tons of grain, and by 2024-mu will reach 150 million tons. So says the head of the French company Invivo Trading Stefan Bernard made a presentation at the XV Jubilee international conference "black sea Grain-2018" – the leading global forum for recognized leaders in the production and export of grains and oilseeds

Adaptation of logistics will require financial and time costs

According to the territorial departments of Rosselkhoznadzor, as of 17 April, the export of Russian grain and products of its processing (including movement on the territory of the CU countries) since the beginning of the 2017/18 MG reached 49.5 million tons, 14.3 million tons (41%) higher than in the same period of the previous season. This was announced by the fgbi "Centre of grain quality"

Egypt plans to import 7 million tons of wheat in 2018/19 MG specified in the proposed budget document of the country, reports Reuters

According to official data, in February of this year, Russia imported 21.6 thousand tons of rice, which is 37 per cent higher than in January this year and became the highest monthly rate of purchases over the last 3 seasons

Wednesday, 18 April 2018
Given the current pace of exports and increase of interest of importers of Russian barley, estimation of grain exports increased to 5.5 million tons, will become the new maximum level of exports

According to the National Association of oilseed processors in the United States (NOPA), in March of this year the volume of processing soybeans in the country has increased due to high margin processors and reached a record high of 171,86 thousand tonnes, 11.8% higher than the previous month and by 12.3% – March 2017, according to AgriCensus

Agricultural service South Africa took the decision to lower the customs import duty on wheat to 394,85 South African rands per ton, which is 45% less than the prescribed fee in February 2017 (716,33 South African rands per ton), according to The Hellenic Shipping News

According to the official February 2018 from Russia exported 3.7 thousand tons of malt

The nearest wheat futures last week remained almost unchanged and increased by $ 0.09 to 173,61 USD. However, the overall market after a short growth that was observed from 6 to 10 April (reached 180,78 USD), began to decline and by 16 April had fallen to of 169.85 USD. Reasons for the decline in world prices was not much, but they were very good. So, first and foremost, the USDA's forecast for world ending stocks of wheat of the new season was increased by 2.3 million tons, which will undoubtedly put pressure on the quotes

Tuesday, 17 April 2018
The devaluation of the ruble was not the best service to exporters. The rapid depreciation of the ruble against the dollar, which on Wednesday reached 65, compared with 58 the closing of the previous week, led to a massive halt sales of agricultural producers, as well as the refusal to perform part of the contracts

A sharp weakening of the ruble last week, the inflated prices on the domestic grain market. In some cases, the quotations for wheat have jumped by 500 rubles., whereas in previous weeks they grew to 50-150 RUB. against this background, the farmers in the South started to stop the sale and to refuse already concluded contracts

For the week 09 – 15 April 2018. through the NCSP, according to the company transagent Ltd, have been shipped for export 474,595 thousand tons of Russian grain