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2015-12-28 17:02:56

Бойцов Алексей Вячеславович
г Москва
Мука рыбная
Цена договорная
Sell on constant basis fresh-frozen, salted, smoked, dried, salted fish waste, illiquid fish and the waste from shrimp and crab. For the production of fish meal and feed for fur animals! Call, write, discuss delivery of the volume of fish waste to Your warehouse in any city of Russia auto and railway transport! With respect Boitsov Alexey Vyacheslavovich, LLC "Prodresurs" Moscow +7 925 204 06 65 Moscow +7 499 390 87 85 Skype: boytsov84alex E-mail: info@51495.ru Website: Miralibekov.the Russian Federation