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Want to increase the weight of your birds? We have the optimal solution to this problem! We offer to Your attention ekstrudirovannyy Coors, which has a number of advantages compared to conventional feed. The use of extruded feed allows you to: to increase average daily weight gain of the birds (reduce the time of keeping animals for fattening to market weight); to reduce the mortality of young plants in 1,5-2 times; when feeding to neutralize various intestinal infections and irritation (excellent absorbent properties). The sterility of the feed is especially valuable for fattening at early stages of development; allows to solve the problem of the toxicity of feed, due to the complete disinfection, the incidence of animals kept to a minimum; to increase the shelf life of feeds up to 6 months without changing the properties and flavouring qualities; use feed in a dry form without steaming, therefore, it is possible to save money on heating and cleaning of the feeder; to achieve results of eating 100% . Benefit from the cooperation with us You: will be able to purchase the products of small and large wholesale and retail; receive the most favorable pricing terms, because we are manufacturers; will increase revenue by 15-20% and at the same time reduce costs due to the fact that in the feeding diet of our feed needs up to 30% less than for the traditional method of feeding; get certified products that do not contain chemical additives and treatments; will be able to buy food for Your individual ration feeding. Complete and balanced nutrition of animals and birds affects not only their productivity, but also on the qualitative characteristics of products that arrives on the table of the final consumer. From what the animal eats, directly affects what you will eat. Thus, the feasibility of extruded fodder no doubt. Composition: Wheat; barley; peas; soya full-fat; meal sunflower SP 36%; flour meat and bone JV 42%; yeast SP 42%; salt; monocalcium phosphate; Mel stern; premix W 5-1 young broilers. Quality indicators: Metabolizable energy, Kcal/100 g -282 Crude protein– 18,39% Crude fat – 3,93% Linoleic acid is 1.77% Crude fiber – is 4.93% Lysine – 0, 86% Methionine – 0,26% Methionine+cystine – 0,54% Threonine– 0,64% Tryptophan – 0,21% Arginine– 1,16% Lysine, digestible poultry – 0,68% Methionine, digestible poultry – 0,21% Threonine, digestible poultry – 0,51% Tryptophan, digestible poultry – 0,17% Arginine, digestible poultry – 0,94% Sa – 1,05% P digestible -0,58% PA -0,19% Cl– 0,27%