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Thermostable phytase is a new generation of 6–phytase [EC] (producer strain of Aspergillus niger) activity is not less than 10 000 IU/g. PT Santosa feed additive used to increase the digestibility of nutrients and availability of phosphorus in diets of pigs and poultry. The introduction of additives in the rations of swine and poultry, enhances the bioavailability of phosphorus, mineral elements (calcium, zinc, copper) and amino acids, improved nutrient and energy value of feeds containing different types of cereals (wheat, rice, cottonseed, etc.) and oilseeds (soybean, rapeseed, peanut, etc.), the decline in urinary nitrogen excretion. In this regard, the rate of input feed of inorganic phosphorus, calcium, protein and synthetic amino acids may be reduced. The introduction of the product normalizes metabolism, increases the productivity of pigs and poultry. Santoso PT administered in feed mixtures and premixes in the premix and feed mills or feed farms, using existing technology mix. Rates are for: birds egg direction of productivity - 40-50 g/t; - birds beef productivity, including duck - 50-60 g/t; - pigs - 50 to 60 g/t.
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