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Scientific-production enterprise "Ecocrime" offers to Your household energy Supplement "COVELO-ENERGY", which is a superior dry propylene glycol. It is an effective tool for • the shortfall of metabolic energy to increase milk yield and improve milk quality • removing of complications after calving and rapid recovery of animals after calving • prevention and treatment of ketosis in cattle • reduce the overall incidence of • increase the impregnation capacity • neutralize toxins (especially mycotoxins) The composition of the additive consists of silicon dioxide of high-purity amorphous, propylene glycol, food, food glycerin and sodium sulfate. Glycerin and propylene glycol is easily and completely assimilated in the animal body and in the liver synthesized in a glucose - source of energy and one of the main components of milk production. Unlike carbohydrate forms of energy sources, our Supplement is not the contents of the rumen acidification. Cumulative actions included in the "COVELO-ENERGY" substances increase milk productivity of cows in 2-4 liters a day (proportion of protein and fat in milk rises by 0.2-0.3 units), improve fertility, reduce the duration of service period (time from end of one to the beginning of the trail. pregnancy), reduce the amount of toxins in the body and milk, allow the animal painlessly to "experience" the pregnancy and give a strong and healthy offspring. "Covelo-Energy" does not require continuous use. After eating an animal within 30-42 days, the effect of the additive is maintained for the entire period of lactation of the cow. Rate of entry of 250-300 gr. per head per day. The most effective time - period of calving (transition period) and the first 100 days of lactation. One head for the entire period of lactation (250-300 days) required 10 to 15 kg Covelo-Energy. Additive is a white powder, with good flowability and mixability. You can enter it in premixes, mixed with food to give each animal individually. Shelf life - 1 year from the date of manufacture.