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Щейхахмедов Магди
г Ростов-на-Дону
300,00 руб.
Professionally translate a complex written text of the technical, construction, legal and medical focus, with English, Chinese, German, Turkish and Spanish into Russian language, you can have me! For this I have sufficient knowledge and long experience in a given thematic field. Any client can easily test my real competence and professionalism. To do this you need to send me one page of a source text via e-mail and, most in a hours free to translate the material and give you the ability to make the right decision! The actual cost of the transfer I set up only by agreement with the customer. In any case, I guarantee you that every client will be satisfied from the mutually beneficial cooperation with me! Please note that I offer the prices most affordable for the client with any budget! I am not a broker and the direct executor! With full responsibility I can assure you that such conditions of mutual cooperation, you will not be able to offer a professional Bureau or other linguistic Agency on the Russian translation market! Very well that my customer can pay for the work done only after its successful acceptance and operational to address any deficiencies and omissions! For this you can use the map of the savings Bank or to transfer funds for work done on my Yandex-Purse. I'll wait for your call or written request, immediately provide all the necessary information for you! 8 903 424 29 15 – Magdy danda2@rambler.ru http://magditrans.ru