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2016-07-10 16:49:22

Магомедов Умар
Северо-Кавказский федеральный округ
3 000,00 руб.
Company SPK "Niva" produces the construction of farm greenhouses and greenhouse complexes "turnkey", ranging from 5 acres (500 square meters) to 5000 sq. m. as well As supplying all the necessary materials for greenhouses, namely a heating system, shielding, sostarivaniya, the system of supplementary lighting, automatic irrigation system and irrigation, CO2 system, fertilizers, automation, climate control system, equipment for sorting, packing, care rastenijami, internal transportation and many other components and materials used in greenhouses. Polycarbonate greenhouses, greenhouse film and greenhouse glass. Employees of the company have combined experience of agricultural activities, accumulated more than 7 years. So we have a clear idea about modern technologies and how to apply them in working with our clients. Built more than 20 small-scale greenhouses in the framework of the program of development of vegetable growing of the closed soil. Received subsidies for reimbursement of construction costs up to 50% of the cost of the greenhouse.