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JSC "Grodno plant regenerated milk" was founded in 1971 and is a pioneer in the production of complete milk replacers for feeding young farm animals. Our product LOGAS was specifically designed for feeding newborn animals in scientific studies and tested in different independent farms. LOGAS is made from the highest quality materials. Technologically advanced processing and unique formula of the product optimally fulfills the need of animal nutrition. General characteristics of the whole milk substitute LOGAS: - natural identical milk due to high content of dairy components; - excellent solubility; - attractive creamy-vanilla flavor; - safety when feeding; - due to the presence of lactic acid bacteria reduces the risk of diarrhea; - increases the safety of young animals, provides the maximum growth of the organism; - contributes to the body of the animal; - the product is designed for use in various systems of breeding; - the optimal ratio of price and quality. The main advantages of a whole milk substitute LOGAS: - reduction of problems associated with weaning from breast milk to animal - improve consumption of roughage - increase the number of healthy and well-developed animal