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2016-08-29 11:30:22

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Шкопинский Олег
ст Ельшанка
Склады, хранилища, элеваторы
2 800,00 руб.
Reliable and durable frameless arched structures. Construction of warehouse complexes on the technology of the MIC-240 and MIC-120 provide the highest degree of flexibility in choosing the size and shape of structures. Advantages: air tightness, resistance to wind and snow loads, quick payback, versatility The ability of applications: - On-farm storage facilities for grains, vegetables (from 1000 to 15,000 tons.) , technology, etc. Large warehouse complexes. Construction period 1 hangar of 1500 square meters over 30 days. Flexible system of payment. Commercial Department Oleg Vladimirovich 8-937-740-73-31 Implemented projects in our website: agromehanika-34.ru