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Loans and investments from the Investment Fund: Investment projects are considered from 1 billion rubles in the Krasnodar region (if the project is significant for the region and in other southern areas). The project must have software: HD Russian or European top Bank. As well as collateral are considered assets, part of work performed for the object (unfinished objects). Required documents for consideration: 1. Information about the project applicant: work experience, part of the company, affiliated company, resident, share. 2. The company's turnover for 2015 and 2016. The presence of its own assets. 3. Brief project information: project Location, investment amount, work performed on the project, own contribution, a stage of preparation of the allowing documentation. 4. The possibility of obtaining BG, pledge its own assets or of third parties, availability of own funds that an investor in share capital and other options provide. Detailed information about programs and conditions to attract investment can be found on the website https://insidersgroup.ru/