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2018-08-09 16:21:51

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+7 812 982 94 33
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Company Insiders Group invites You to explore the possibility of attracting investments into development and modernization of small and medium business in Russia. Investment proposal: • Program projects proof of 10% equity of the application on issuing Bank (with no transfer and blocking of collateral); • The program is funding projects with paying the Deposit for the release of BG into the ESCROW account of the lawyers of Europe; • Not a Bank loan, with the financial guarantee of the applicant from a Russian Bank or foreign banks TOP 25; • The program of the loan of the leading foreign banks secured by the existing assets (without export from Russia) through the insurance company; • Loans and investments of Investment Funds for medium businesses; • Involvement ruble loan from Russian banks: line of credit, leasing, returnable leasing, overdraft facilities, acquiring, commercial mortgage; • State program of project financing; Detailed information about programs and conditions to attract investment can be found on the website https://insidersgroup.ru/