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Salt-lick "Liminal – Mustang" - saleblack containing iron. It is used for growing horses. In its composition contains a high amount of minerals and trace elements. It is well resistant to moisture and has a dark brown color. In its production uses pure salt, having good taste. Briquettes can be used directly on pastures and in stalls. This product stimulates digestion and helps absorb nutrients. According to the testimony of security products meet the current veterinary standards and regulations. Packaging: briquette 5 kg, pack of 4 briquette (Corrugated) COMPOSITION: Ingredients: Pure substances mg/kg: Manganese, Mn 850 Iron, Fe 3200 Phosphorus, P 60 Iodine,I 55 Magnesium,Mg 3500 Copper, Cu 225 Zinc, Zn 800 Cobalt,Co 20 Sodium chloride, NaCI 990000 Moisture 7.5%