КУРС ЦБ $ USD 77,7325 EUR 85,7389
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2016-11-22 16:31:45

Владимир Германович
г Ярославль
Soft wheat, 5 class
7 900,00 руб.
Payment on shipment or delivery, the letter of credit. With VAT and without VAT. Bargain for the price. Yaroslavl region, Uglich - only vehicles until the end of 2016 2,000 tons. Yaroslavl oblast, Rybinsk - road / rail-transport, until the end of 2016 2,000 tons. Kostroma oblast, Kostroma - road / rail-transport, until the end of 2016, 1,000 tons. Wheat forage, the crop of 2016, moisture not more than 14.0%, grain with pink color, and moldy smut - not allowed. Other indicators in accordance with GOST R . The product must be healthy, good merchantable quality, to conform to their class, have a normal color and smell (no musty, musty, salty, or any other unusual odor), should not contain live insects, toxic substances and pollutants, gains in accordance with GOST. Each shipment must have the following supporting documents: bill of lading, veterinary health certificate, quality certificate for the Product (the Elevator / lab), quarantine certificate (if Goods shipped from quarantine phytosanitary zones).