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2016-11-23 14:38:34

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Produced two-layer composite sheet PVC brand Profplast. 1140 width / 1050mm. Profile height 25mm. Length at the customer's request from 500 to 12,000 mm. Resistance to chemical and force effects ∙ Long life. ∙ Robust and reliable design * Thermostability and trudnogoryuchih (class G1) ∙ Soundproofing ∙ Corrosion resistance ∙ Easy and safe installation. The sheet does not rot, does not rust. Bright color, not fading with time (the Bottom layer is PVC. The top layer of ABS, Asa, paint (paint is the mass of the second layer) so it does not fade). On the website there are pictures of objects that use our leaves ( cowsheds, pigsties, silos, cooling towers..... etc.) http://www.profplast-russia.ru/gallery/
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