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Used for Normalize digestion, enhance immunity, reduce the negative impact of stress factors on animals ; the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases (diarrhea, colibacillosis, salmonellosis, etc.) the normalization of microbial balance in the digestive tract; growth stimulation, increase of gain in live weight increase of safety stock to 100%. The filler used lactose (to ensure the application of the drug in the drinking systems ). Lactose completely dissolved in water and absorbed by the body. The number of viable microorganisms of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus Licheniformis CFU/g, not less than 3x10/9 The presence of spore-bearing shell in bacteria enables the use of the drug in the process of making granular fodder, premixes, bmvd, since spore bacteria Bacillis subtilis and Bacillis licheniformis can withstand the high temperature (140 degrees ) and pressure, the effect of chemically aggressive substances. The use of probiotic feed additive "SPORTARENA" in the scheme of feeding or watering animals, provides a waiver from the required use of antibiotics. applies to both individual and group method with feed, concentrates, mineral additives and milk substitutes and injected into the watering system .Group method of probiotic feed additive administered in feed at the rate of 0.5 - 1 kg per 1 ton of feed Sporoderm contains no genetically modified products and organisms. . The expiration date of Sportarena-18 months from date of manufacture Recommended for registration in the Russian Federation fgbu "VGNKI". Feed additive registered and certified