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The company "NPK GROWTH" is engaged in the manufacture of tank containers made of fiberglass. Modern tank containers are versatile, practical, and sometimes simply irreplaceable, so it's used by various companies. It is designed to transport different types of bulk cargoes, such as, for example – food, toxic, hazardous, and many others. The process of manufacture of a tank container consists of: 1. Creating snap-ins custom, creating the fiberglass 2. The creation of protective layers 3. Assembly, 4. Equipment tank container special equipment. Also, our company is engaged in the gumming tank containers, which is susceptible to corrosion. Gumming prevents corrosion and thereby increase the operational life of such equipment. Our experts will help you to do everything necessary to increase the service life of tank containers and ensure their protection from many negative external factors. Manufacture of products and equipment according to your drawings (samples), according to individual specifications. Our website: http://rost-npk.ru We will be glad to cooperation!