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+7 966 249 05 15
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Ремонт и сервисное обслуживание
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The company "NPK GROWTH" produces rubber shafts of any size that has been widely used in agricultural machinery, printing, engineering, food industry, light industry and many other important processes. We also gummerum your worn out or due for repair shafts with polyurethane or rubber where the wear affects the quality of your product. Our experts at the professional level to cope with these tasks, as shown by the positive feedback from our customers. The polyurethane rubber is so versatile that significantly expand the scope of their application, thus improving the quality of products and work enhance the operating and technical indicators. The process of gumming includes: 1. Sandblasting metal surfaces 2. Application of special glue, 3. Heat treatment, 4. Centering-that happens with a lathe, 5. The processing of the finished surface. Rubberized polyurethane or rubber shafts have a high physico-mechanical properties. These properties are far superior to even metal. The use of products that were manufactured or repaired our professionals will serve you for a long time without changing for new one. Our staff will produce any products or equipment according to your drawings (samples), at the before-mentioned technical task. Our website: http://rost-npk.ru We will be glad to cooperation!