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2017-09-26 16:46:58

Тирйаки Абдуррахман
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"TURKISH GLOBAL MACHINERY" offers a wide range of everything you need for the equipment to the agricultural, food processing,agricultural machinery,spare parts,equipment for packing,equipment for ventilation,greenhouses,mill equipment,greenhouses,irrigation equipment,weighing equipment,equipment for grain processing equipment seed processing equipment meat processing equipment grain handling,animal feed,silos,Elevator,conveyors,spirals,augers and screw conveyors,screw augers for concrete plants, etc. and also provides turn-key design. Today, "TURKISH GLOBAL MACHINERY" is able to offer equipment for agri culture, food and other industrial equipment in a huge range. All important questions can be asked by calling: +90 (533) 968-60-17 the up again I and viber, or use our website www.turkishglobalmachinery.com or send a letter info@turkishglobalmachinery.com