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The mixer is applicable for mixing in the flow of loose components of animal feed, protein-vitamin supplements, premixes and mixtures thereof; the production of animal feed with the introduction of the liquid ingredients; mixing flour with additives (dry gluten, vitamins). Augers are two shaft mounted in the bearing supports. On the shafts by means of rods, washers and nuts blades are mounted. They can be installed at any angle to the axis of rotation of the auger through the slots in the washer. Collect the screws on the flange, which is also the second the side wall of the housing. The shape of the blades of the auger segment. The clearance between the augers and the bottom of the hull 5 mm. At the end of the case screws is an outlet of the mixer . To monitor the movement of the product housing is made of two observation Windows . To clean the body when you transition from one product to another is equipped with a detachable bottom. Mixer drive - electric motor through V-belt transmission and gearbox. For belt tensioning is provided a swinging plate of the motor and the idler screw. Single-stage reducer has a gear ratio of 1:1. Components are mixed by two horizontal augers rotating in opposite directions. The product from the suction pipe is supplied to the feed auger, which moves continuously, transferring part of the product parallel to the screw, return it to the reception. The rest of the product feeding screw transportorul to the end where it is discharged through pipe. Those. features: - • capacity – 3 kW, - • capacity – 5 t/h - Package contents: Housing with motor 5 kW, 1pcs Reducer 2-stage 1 piece The bearing Assembly 2 from The unloading hatch 1 PCs Boot window 1 piece Starter with thermal protection 1 PCs The electric cable 10 m