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Universal cleaning platform USP-30 is designed for preliminary, primary, secondary and special treatment heap of grain, and other bulk products.Cleaning and calibrating granular products used in many areas of production: - in agriculture, to bring the heap up to the commodity and seed standards; - in the food sector during calibration of the cereals, the production of snacks; - in livestock when the forage; in recycling, to sort them by size, shape and weight of secondary the recycling of solid waste ( which every year is gaining momentum); in industry for sorting into fractions of coal, gravel, rubber crumbs and T. primenenie units for calibration provides: - the allocation of the products of the impurities are not acceptable for any requirements and standards either lowering the cost of the product if available; - mechanical weed control; -the allocation fractions caliber with different value-added Price 1 200 000 rbl. the offer is not an offer. Check the prices from managers.